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    • Private Label & Rebranding
    • SMS Kiosks for Retail
    • Global Texting Solutions
    • Mobile Keywords & 5-Digit Short Codes
    • Mobile Couponing & Loyalty
    • Appointment & Bill Reminders
    • 2-Way Texting and Email

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    No matter what type of product, service, or industry you represent, we have an opportunity for you to cash-in from text marketing and our trademarked SMS Kiosks application.
    Whether you are looking to start your own independent text marketing service, or need a platform that you can use and/or resell right away, we have you covered.
    Commercialtexting.com is our all-in-one marketing application. It is literally the Cadillac of text marketing, packed with premium features, including mobile keywords and 5-digit short-codes, 2-way messaging, appointment reminders, email marketing and much more.

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    We offer 20+ tutorial and "how-to" videos on our website, giving you and your customers that extra help you may need online. Additionally, we offer our Resellers with helpful sales and marketing videos, webinars, plus hands-on training by phone, email, and text whenever you need it.
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